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Submitus description

What is Submitus?
   Submitus is simply the best website and software submission tool around. Unlike others, it is browser-based. On the other hand, if you submit your sites and programs manually, using just the web browser, it takes very long time. So, we decided to make a semi-automatic submitter, with the goal to make the submission process efficient and fast.
   Submitus will allow you to submit your website and software to the best freeware and shareware sites and catalogs on the Internet. The software includes IE as well as a database full of software archive sites and catalogs, so you can be sure that your submissions will be accepted AUTOMATICALLY without any errors.
   You can define the basic information for your program (e.g. title, version, urls, date, keywords, os, descriptions, etc.) and you can automatically populate the submission form and/or with a drag & drop function. All you have to do is select the category for each site and press Submit.
The software also maintains your submission status (new/old) and stores your ID password and information for future use.

What does it mean?
It's a tool for massive submissions

Why fully-automatic submitters have disappointing efficiency?
That's a very simple question!
1) If the form on site has been changed since last program's update, you will not be able to submit there your software.
2) Some sites have EXTRA fields on their forms, and they will not publish your program if you don't fill them.
3) You can't control submission process at all! And if there are any errors during the submission, you can't do anything!
4) Some sites are overloaded with submissions and they make some fields and rules to prevent submissions with autosubmitters.
5) It's fact! Absolutely proved fact!

Why Submitus hasn't?
The best answer on this question comes from the user of Submitus, Michael Philippenko:
The best thing about Submitus is that it's a semi-automatic tool: unlike AddSoft, you are still supposed to actually use it to do the submissions, but it puts you in control: you can review the information before submitting, and correct/adjust things as necessary.
That makes the effectiveness of the submissions with Submitus as high as it gets.
So Submitus is much more effective than other submitters and actually the efficiency of Submitus is more than efficiency of manual submission, using browser. Why? Because when you are submitting with browser you soon will be tired and it's possible to make mistakes or just miss some fields, which Submitus fills in automatically.

Ok, I understand that it's very effective... But what about speed? If I use other software I just fill out the necessary info for my program and press Submit, but using your program I have to waste much more time. Isn't it so?
No, it isn't! There are two reasons:
1) If you want your program to be actually submitted to the majority of the sites, you should MANUALLY submit your program, after using AddSoft etc., to the main sites.
2) You know that most software sites have the status field (new submission or update) and THE ONLY way to know it is to MANUALLY visit each site and search for your software there. So with autosubmitters you really waste your time, because you should type in the URL of each site, view the site in the BROWSER, type your program's name in search box, analyze the results... And do that again, for EACH SITE... ISN'T IT SLOW?!

On the other hand, if you use Submitus, you can combine this process with the submission. Most sites have search boxes at their Submit pages, so you can just drag&drop your program's title there. This feature alone lets you actually SAVE your time, in contrast with those automatic tools like SharIt, AddSoft, SiteTrack...

But what if a submission form on one of the sites changes? It seems that I have to type in the necessary information MANUALLY!
No. Look at the screenshot... There is a listbox near the browser window. You can just drag&drop necessary info from there to the form.
And after that, please send a message to us! We will update the Submitus database (usually within a day or two), and make the updated database available for free download from the web site.

The registered version of SUBMITUS will allow you to submit your software to about 350 most established and visited shareware/freeware sites on the Internet.

What's new in Submitus 1.5
Website promotion added, updated manual, improved Submit Engine, enhanced Database of sites, status bar added, interface improvements (the user interface has been redesigned, making it more convenient than ever) and more...

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